FTB: Stoneblock 3

In a world of rock and stone, release your inner dwarf and build your subterranean kingdom!  Use Magic and Technology to forge your realm to your designs. Make your dimension your own, or play with friends.

IP: SB3.FeedTheCraft.com

Ragnamod VI: In the sky

You can play with many different style of mods, tech, magic, Agriculture, adventure with dungeons and new dimension like the undergarden, Sonicraft and Dragon !

IP: RAG.FeedTheCraft.com

All The Mods 8


All The Mods 8 (Donator server)

All the Mods started out as a private pack for just a few friends of the dev that turned into something others wanted to play! It has all the basics that most other “big name” packs include but with a nice mix of some of newer or lesser-known mods as well. 

We host a server for the public, and because of it’s popularity, have opened a second server for exclusive access to our FTC donators.

IP: ATM8.feedthecraft.com and IP: ATM8-2.feedthecraft.com

TNP Limitless 6

Explore a wild world, conquer dungeons, slay bosses, complete the quest book & much much more, jump in yourself to experience it all !   Now on 1.19.5!

IP: TNP6.feedthecraft.com

Enigmatica 6

Beautiful custom worldgen made with TerraForged. Tons of dungeons and structures

IP: E6.feedthecraft.com


1. Zero Tolerance policy for griefing.
2. No killing other players without permission.
3. Do not purposefully destroy the world.
4. Only use FTBChunks in order to chunkload.
5. Leave a 5 chunk barrier between you and a strangers claim.
6. Do not give new players end-game resources and items.
7. No refunds for lost items.
8. Strict stance on lag inducing setups and builds
9. Follow any server specific rules and expectations.
10. Ask before manipulating the weather/day-night cycle.
11. Do not build within 10 chunks of spawn.
12. No evading AFK kick.

Q: Will you run any pack older than 1.16?

A: Unfortunately  we will seldom run packs older than 1.16 in order to keep things simple.

Q: Can I livestream on your servers?

A: Yes you can livestream, but do check with voice channel.


Join us today and enjoy: building contests, multiple ranks, engaged mods and the all the best Minecraft can offer!