TNP Limitless 5

Explore the all new Caves & Cliffs (Part I & II ) update in full within modded minecraft, the best minecraft experience.

IP: TNP5.FeedTheCraft.com

Sevtech: ages

SevTech: Ages is a massive modpack packed with content and progression. This pack focuses on providing the player a long term progression experience with purpose.

IP: sev.FeedTheCraft.com

Age of Fate

It is said that when the world eventually falls into darkness, there will be one who will come from the light to lead humanity out of it. YOU.

IP: AOF.FeedTheCraft.com

Enigmatica 6

Beautiful custom worldgen made with TerraForged. Tons of dungeons and structures

IP: E6.FeedTheCraft.com

All The Magic: Spellbound

You have conquered all the mods, but can you conquer all the magic? With no tech to hold your hand see the world through different eyes as you rely on what the mystic arts has to offer

IP: ATMS.feedthecraft.com

All The Mods 7: To The Sky

The sequel to the popular ATM6:Sky, new mods that were not available are here, like Twilight Forest and Alchemistry, with Ex Machinist to help you automate the resources all the way to end game.

IP: ATM7S.feedthecraft.com


1. Zero Tolerance policy for griefing.
2. No killing other players without permission.
3. Do not purposefully destroy the world.
4. Only use FTBChunks in order to chunkload.
5. Leave a 5 chunk barrier between you and a strangers claim.
6. Do not give new players end-game resources and items.
7. No refunds for lost items.
8. Strict stance on lag inducing setups and builds
9. Follow any server specific rules and expectations.
10. Ask before manipulating the weather/day-night cycle.
11. Do not build within 10 chunks of spawn.
12. No evading AFK kick.

Q: Will you run any pack older than 1.16?

A: Unfortunately  we will seldom run packs older than 1.16 in order to keep things simple.

Q: Can I livestream on your servers?

A: Yes you can livestream, but do check with voice channel.


Join us today and enjoy: building contests, multiple ranks, engaged mods and the all the best Minecraft can offer!